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You CAN Achieve the Practice of Your Dreams
by Embracing Disruptive Change and Implementing the New Dental Marketing Paradigm.

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They've helped Reston Serenity Smiles tremendously in the last 7 months and we could not be more thankful to have found them. Our new website was up and running in no time and it is exactly what we wanted!


If you value having a relationship with a company who truly spends the time to get to know and understand your practice prior to putting together an effective plan, then My Dental Agency would be who you need to consult with for your future practice growth.

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"DENTAL DISRUPTION: The Decade That Changed Dentistry"


Marketing strategies that worked like gangbusters even just a couple years back today simply flame out, sputter, and die. So even if you do have a solid handle on marketing your practice, you could very well be stuck in digital’s “dark ages.” 

If that’s true, you’re in deep trouble – because Big Dental has its crosshairs focused on your practice and on your patients. And they have deep pockets and know how to drive traffic, generate clicks, and capture lots of eyeballs.

But YOU have advantages they don’t.

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- Dr. David Pearce

It should be obvious, but sadly, far too many Dentists remain in denial…

It’s packed start to finish with solid ideas and tips for how you can begin to benefit from the "digital disruption" that’s shaken the foundations of traditional dental marketing.

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But because the strategies revealed are based on the very latest advances in digital marketing, you need to grab your copy now to make sure you have the most current information possible.

In my Amazon #1 Best Selling book, “Dental Disruption,” I reveal how savvy doctors just like you are incorporating new digital marketing strategies to attract the type of patients they want and build their ideal practices faster. 

Here’s what you’ll discover inside this sure-to-be eye-opening new book:

  • Why your patients can't tell the difference between Corporate "Doc in a Box" dental care and the high quality, personalized treatment options you provide - and the simple step you must take NOW to level the playing field between you and Corporate Dentistry’s massive marketing budgets.

  • The key pillars of trust that you must have in place today... a diploma on the wall and a few good reviews isn't anywhere close to good enough given today’s competitive playing field.

  • How the smartphone has turned traditional dental marketing upside down; and if you rely on what worked even ten years ago, you're getting left in the dust!

  • The crazy paradox of why being "professional" hammers your brand - and why suits, ties, and "all business" Marketing TANKS compared to the simple act of just being you.

  • Do you wonder whatever happened to "word of mouth?!" (Hint: It still works, you just need give it the right gas using the right media.)

  • How to integrate personality into your marketing in a way that's both seriously fun, yet still true to your practice's mission.

  • "TMI - Too Much Information" - why instant access to information about Dentistry devastates traditional practice marketing, and the simple steps you must take to overcome it.

  • The number #1 objective of ALL your marketing efforts... it's the simple, disruptive shift you must make to stay competitive today.

  • And a LOT MORE as well!

110+ Pages

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My Dental Agency has really helped my practice grow.  They are very experienced and knowledgeable.  Prior to working with My Dental Agency I was frustrated with the marketing companies I had and was changing companies every couple of years.  They are a First Rate marketing company and I  have no plan on changing anytime soon.  If you are looking for a change you should give them a try.

Dr. Michelle Munoz

While I have worked with several companies over the years, My Dental Agency has taken the most comprehensive approach in building and marketing our user friendly web presence through our website and social media, as well as tracking their effectiveness in every regard from first contact through to ROI.  Again, this is a one-stop shop for an advanced, high-level information, communication and marketing platform for my dental practice.  Thank you for taking the reins in  this ever-changing and highly necessary complex part of the dental business.

Dr. Joel Singer

110+ PAGES

You CAN Achieve the Practice of Your Dreams
by Embracing Disruptive Change and Implementing the New Dental Marketing Paradigm.

"DENTAL DISRUPTION: The Decade That Changed Dentistry"


110+ PAGES

MDA is a team of competent professionals. They are honest, responsive , prepared and explain everything clearly. We have seen success with our marketing thanks to their diligent efforts. 

I interviewed a lot of other marketing companies and they were hands down the most professional and transparent. 

Dr. Tanmya Ravi

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